The Ohio University Marching Band utilizes a set instrumentation that is unique to the Marching 110. Its nine sections -- clarinets, alto saxophones, tenor saxophones, mellophones, trumpets, trombones, euphoniums, sousaphones, and percussion -- gives the Marching 110 its unique sound.  The Marching 110 does not utilize color guard or sideline percussion, with the exception of the conference silk flags used for pregame performances.


Prior to 1971, the Ohio University Marching Band utilized a traditional Drum Major position in the band.  After the graduation of David Fowler after the 1970 season, the position of Drum Major was abolished in the band.  Since 1973, the Marching 110 has utilized a student leadership position within the band titled "Field Commander."  Unlike many schools that use the same term for their student leader who conducts the band, the Marching 110 Field Commander does not the conduct the ensemble during performances.  The Field Commander's primary responsibility is the fundamental marching technique of the band.  Other duties include the heightening of moral, discipline, and esprit d' corps of the group.  It is the highest student-held position in the Marching 110, requires the student to be a fourth of fifth year member of the band, and is selected by the directors each season.

2018 Field Commander   Paul Bissler, Mellophone

2018 Field Commander

Paul Bissler, Mellophone

Former Marching 110 Field Commanders

2017: Sam Koogle, Trumpet
2016: John Rodesh, Euphonium
2015:  Dylan Chase, Trombone
2014:  Jared Halter, Timbales
2013:  Kyle Likens, Trombone
2012:  Rocco Contini, Tenor Sax
2011:  Seth Winegardner, Trumpet
2010:  Mike George, Tenors
2009:  Jerod Smith, Alto Saxophone
2008:  Jacob Young, Trombone
2007:  Josh Boyer, Trombone
2006:  Matt Mattox, Trombone
2005:  Sam Venable, D-Hole
2004:  Shawn Hurley, Trumpet
2003:  Brian Bross, Tenor Sax
2002:  Nick Delotell, Trombone
2001:  Nate Gilcher, Tuba
2000:  Eric Best, Cymbals
1999:  Clint Harris, Tuba
1998:  Chris Irwin, Trumpet
1997:  Marc Brunner, Trumpet
1996:  Brian Moore, Snare Drum
1995:  Rich Edwards, Trombone
1994:  Adam Pape, Timbales
1993:  Matt Brunner, Trumpet
1992:  Scott Coffey, Alto Sax
1991:  Aaron Romero, D-Hole
1990:  Steve Krebs, Trumpet
1989:  Tim Zifer, Trumpet
1988:  Rob Notch, Trumpet
1987:  Brit Altizer, Trumpet
1986:  Matt Cool, Trombone
1985:  Mark Smith, Alto Sax
1984:  Brad Neavin, Trombone
1983:  Kurt Gries, Trumpet
1982:  Paul Abend, Trumpet
1981:  Jim Martin, Trombone
1980:  Randy Hammond, Trumpet
1979:  Jeff Scaggs, Trombone
1978:  Jack Delany, Trombone
1977:  Max West, Trombone
1976:  Tim Burkey, Cymbals
1975:  Charlie Marty, Bass Drum
1974:  Dave Dillan, Trombone
1973:  Tom McKee and Jay Sokol