As part of the 50th anniversary of the Marching 110 this fall, we are in the process of putting together a photo album/book celebrating the first fifty years of the Marching 110. This book is NOT a new edition of "DIAMOND OHIO: A History of the Ohio University Bands" by George Brozak - more on that later. The intent of this book (think of it like a nice coffee-table photo album) is to collect information and photos from each season of the Marching 110 from 1967-2016; the first fifty years of the Marching 110.

There will be no historical text or anything like that in this photo book. It simply will be 100 pages of photos, one two-page spread for each year. The only intended text in the book (other than a short intro/forward) will be the schedule for the band each season as well.

So what do we need from you? Anything you can provide that will help us complete this wonderful collection of Marching 110 history! Photos, schedules, handbooks, whatever you have from your years in the band that will help us put this together. In 2012 we saw SO many cool photos and memories posted on the "Memories of Mr. S" page on Facebook, and realized that there is an amazing amount of material out there. 

All materials collected will be credited to the person who submitted it in the book. Our goal is to collect so much material that we cannot possibly use it in this one collection. Some of the extras may find their way into the 50th anniversary edition of "DIAMOND OHIO," planned to be published in 2018. This edition will include updates to the Marching 110's history since the last update (in 2011) and whatever other new information we are able to uncover from the Ohio University Bands archives that hasn't already been included.


Below are links to submit materials for each year. Please make sure you are submitting your materials in the correct year if at all possible. Photos, schedules, handbooks, whatever you have that you think may be neat to include.

Photos should be scanned if possible at at least 300dpi.