A Magical Parade

Disneyland Paris: The Magical Kingdom, The Happiest Place on Earth, and the locale for the Marching 110’s next performance.

After reporting to the buses in the early morning, the 110 traveled to enjoy a few hours at the Parisian Magic Kingdom before their stop-dotted parade through the park.

Unloading and changing back stage in Toy Story’s Pizza Planet, the 110 blocked up and snuck quietly around an unsuspecting park to the It’s a Small World attraction.

With four booms from the D-Hole, the murmurings of thousands of patrons hush as the band enters the park while an announcement introducing to the Marching 110.

Throughout the parade, the crowd clapped, danced and cheered along to Stand Up and Cheer and Shut Up and Dance as well as Uptown Funk and Kiss You during three stops during the parade, one of which was in front of Sleepy Beauty’s castle at the heart of the park.

After the parade, the 110 was surprised with a French rendition of The Question by senior Dan Aleksiejczyk, because now all of Paris and the Magic Kingdom knows WHO HAS…..

Written by Amanda Weisbrod and Corbin Curtis

**Both authors of this post are members of the Marching 110