Percussion auditions are held on campus on May 6 and May 13, 2017, and is required for all new members. All new members will complete a video-taped audition at the conclusion of each audition day. You can attend either audition day, or you can choose to attend both audition days. However, only one audition day is required.

The Marching 110 percussion section uses a "non-traditional" instrumentation, consisting of snare drums, duo sets of tenor drums and timbales, cymbals, and bass drums.  All new members are encouraged to audition on multiple, or even all, instruments.

Below is a link to the Percussion Packet, as well as the registration form for the 2017 Marching 110 Auditions, held on campus May 6 and May 13. You are only required to attend one audition day, but you can choose to attend both if you'd like!

Students who wish to audition on percussion as well as wind instrument should complete an audition on their wind instrument first, indicating their primary and secondary instrument selections on the audition form.  To complete the wind instrument audition process, click here.

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