Directions for recording/submitting your video audition:

  1. Find a quiet room without extraneous noise.

  2. Use your cell phone or video camera

  3. When recording:

    • state your name and graduating high school, city and state

    • state the excerpt you are performing

    • record your performance of the required parts of the audition (all scales, exercises, and optional excerpt). Feel free to edit to get your best performances.

    • You may upload each video independently, or use video editing software to combine your videos into one complete audition video.

    • See the example videos at the bottom of this page

  4. Burn your videos to DVD

    • Video files must be a standard video format (*.mp4, *.mov, *.mpg, etc.)

    • Name each file with the corresponding excerpt (Ex. Excerpt_1.mp4)

    • DVD should NOT be for playback on a DVD player. Disc should include the file(s) of excerpts for your audition.

  5. Mail your DVD to:

    • Ohio University Marching Band
      2019 Audition DVD
      497 Robert Glidden Hall
      Ohio University
      Athens, OH 45701

  6. Submit your audition by clicking the link below and completing the form with all current contact information.


Below are examples of auditions done by current Marching 110 members.  Click play below, and then select your instrument from the playlist on the top-left corner.

Contact the Marching 110 before submitting your audition!